Les Twins-Interview for Pascal Céfran.

I tried to translate it in English ;)

Larry:My name is Larry
Lau:My name is Laurent
Larry:We are the Les twins
Lau:No,it’s not true.
Larry: We are at “cosec”
Larry:We are professional dancers,models and comedians.
Lau: Do you feel the presence?
Larry: Do you feel the floor smoked,heating…
Lau: The day i started to be a professional is when my mother told me that i gave nothing,so i stopped school to dance.
Larry: I was a cook.
Lau: I managed when i was alone but i wouldn’t have been successful without my brother. So i went to his work…
Larry: So that i was fired! and i went away!
Lau: Then,we told this to our mom and she killed me! Then the name “Les Twins” came out. In one week,we went to many agencies and we said…
Larry: “We are dancers!” Then,we saw Bob Sinclar with whoever it was,
Lau: Nobody took us instead Bob Sinclar…
Larry: He brought us on stage,Kelly Rowland brought us on stage
Lau:We danced and then people asked :” Who are they,Who are they?!” and She (KR) said “they are the les twins”
Larry: And everything i’ve started!
Lau & Larry: I take many thing from him, i take many thing from him.
Lau: I don’t know what is going to do,i know that i will succeed to do what he does at the same that he does.
Larry: It’s a connection
Lau: It’s a freestyle!
Lau: Stage,shows,workshops,battles it’s the same thing,my battle is against him (Larry)
Larry: It’s a scale, a twins’ scale that can never be changed. Sometimes he will be better than me,sometimes I will be better than him and it will start again.
Our mother has always been our coach & we are the creators of urbans movements, she brings things that you can’t see in dance.
Larry: Pascal Cece
Lau: “Parlez-vous français”

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